• Rose Gold Vegan Brush Set

    Posted on June 01 2021

      Rose Gold Vegan Makeup Brush Set It’s been quite a while since we have released any new Makeup Brushes or Brush Sets, and we thought instead of just releasing...

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  • 10 Fun facts about Make-up brushes

    Posted on December 10 2020

    We believe that applying make-up should be a fun and enjoyable experience. The sheer variety of techniques you can perform with make-up brushes is nothing short of an art form....

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  • How Many Makeup Brushes Do I Need?

    Posted on October 09 2020

    For the most beautiful appearance, it’s important to have the correct makeup brush for your makeup base, eyes, and lips. With so many makeup brushes in our range, it can...

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  • Which Makeup Brushes Are Used For What?

    Posted on September 18 2020

    It’s confusing, isn’t it? There are so many makeup brushes in different shapes and sizes! Which brush is used for powder or for liquid? Which brush should be used to...

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  • Which Makeup Brushes Do I Need?

    Posted on September 04 2020

    Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need that many make-up brushes. According to Good Housekeeping, a recent survey found that the average woman owns 40 makeup brushes – but...

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  • When To Clean Makeup Brushes

    Posted on August 07 2020

      You might already know that you’re supposed to clean your makeup brushes. But do you know when you need to clean them? It’s all very well giving them a...

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  • Choosing the Best Makeup Brush Set - Pro Essentials Insight

    Posted on November 16 2018

    Where to start when choosing the right Makeup Brush Set? It’s a question we are asked all the time. Here at the Crownbrush European Head Quarters we’ve decided to put...

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  • Rose Gold Full Face Contour Set

    Posted on March 09 2017

    If you want to take the art of applying makeup to the next level, then the new Rose Gold Full Face Contour Set of brushes are the ones for you....

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  • Weirdest Beauty Trends from History

    Posted on January 04 2017

    While purple lipsticks and silver grey hair might be the beauty statements of the moment, there have always been beauty fashions throughout history. Even as far back as 8700 BC,...

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  • Bridal Makeup Tips

    Posted on November 14 2016

    We can all take a breath that wedding season is now finished, and with this in mind we wanted to share with you some of our expert Bridal Makeup Tips....

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  • How To: Buy The Right Makeup Brush

    Posted on August 28 2016

    How to Buy the right Makeup Brush is something we all struggle with at the very beginning, it can sometimes be a little confusing as there is so much choice...

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  • CrownPro Brush Range Launches

    Posted on July 25 2016

    Have you seen the Latest Brush Range Launched by CrownBrush- CrownPro Range. We are delighted with the new Brushes that we have taken many months to design ensuring that we...

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  • Building The Foundations

    Posted on February 04 2016

    How do you apply your foundation? With your fingers? A flat foundation brush? A buffing brush? A beauty blender? So many options. How do you know which is the right...

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  • 7 Piece Gun Metal Travel Brush Set

    Posted on January 07 2016

    Say hello to our brand new make-up brush set: 7 PC Gun Metal Travel Brush Set. Perfect for throwing in your hand bag or suitcase, never be without your favourite...

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  • Six Essential Eyeshadow Brushes

    Posted on December 18 2015

    Time to upgrade from your sponge applicators folks and get your head around the idea of using different styles of eyeshadow brushes. Yes that is right, there are many different...

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  • Makeup Brushes for Mineral Makeup

    Posted on September 11 2015

    Mineral makeup is becoming more and more popular, with new tried and tested formulas breaking onto the market. From foundations, to blusher to eyeshadows there is something for everyone. It...

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  • How To Pick The Perfect Makeup Brushes

    Posted on August 27 2015

    How do you really know that you have picked out the perfect makeup brushes for you? What do you have to take into consideration? Hair type? Shape? Size? Colour? Style?...

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  • How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

    Posted on August 11 2015

    Ah the infamous question: How to Clean your Makeup Brushes? A question we hear time and time, and time and time again.  To ensure you get the maximum life out...

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  • All Eyes On You Brush Set

    Posted on December 09 2014

    The All Eyes On You Brush set has everything you need to create the perfect eye look. Containing five professional quality dual ended make-up brushes, so all together you get...

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  • 501 Master Set – The Breakdown

    Posted on November 07 2014

    Today on the Crownbrush Blog we have the ultimate Professional makeup brush set: The 501 Master Set. With 30 make-up brushes to choose from,  all presented in this professional, black...

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  • 517 15pc Luna Series Brush Set Review

    Posted on August 12 2014

      Today on the Crownbrush UK blog, our best selling Luna Series Brush Set (Set 517) is stealing the show. 15 professional make-up brushes are presented in a smart, black...

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  • Crownbrush 613 7 Piece HD Set

    Posted on May 10 2013

    HD Brushes have been making a big impact in the beauty industry to work alongside HD photography and filming. The Crownbrush 613 HD Set is a combination of quality dense Nylon...

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  • 502 Deluxe Studio Brush Set Review

    Posted on April 12 2013

    The 14 piece Crownbrush 502 Deluxe Studio Brush Set is one of Crown’s bestselling brush set amongst NEW make-up students and professionals. The set is an assortment of hand-crafted brushes...

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  • 504 Brush Set Review

    Posted on April 04 2013

    The 10 piece Crownbrush 504 Brush Set  is an assortment of hand-crafted brushes with silver plated ferrules taking from our best-selling extensive Studio Series brush set and comes in a...

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  • The Infinity Brush Range

    Posted on March 13 2013

    The Infinity brush range have been designed to create flawless make-up application which is perfect for high definition work which is a common make-up practice now with HD filming,photography work...

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