Contouring Makeup

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Our gorgeous range of Professional Contouring Makeup to buy online has everything you need to achieve a flawless finish. 

We have something for everyone here at Crown Brush, whether you want to lengthen, chisel, sculpt or reshape your face. We also have a wide variety of tones and shades available to choose from depending on your skin tone and the look you wish to achieve, from our Fair Maiden Contour stick with Pink and Yellow undertones to our darker Brulee and Mocha shades. What’s more, if you prefer a certain type of contour makeup for your skin you can choose from liquid, sticks, powders or creme based products. 

When contouring the face the possibilities are endless and our professional contouring makeup products can help you to try out different techniques and explore new ways of contouring. The Pro Conceal and Contour collection for instance contains 12 stunning shades that suit most skin tones, making this a perfect option for make up artists. Alternatively, our best-selling contouring palette offers an exquisite range of shades to create the perfect contour. This ultimate Contouring Kit contains 10 warming colours, along with 3 of our professional contour brushes to help you complete the look. 

All of our products are Cruelty Free and come with Free Delivery when you spend £30 or more across our entire site!