Are you a Professional Makeup Artist? Do you LOVE your Makeup Brushes and want to add our award winning Makeup Brushes to your Kit.

As a member of CrownPro, you will receive multiple offers, some of the very best in the industry. Some of the many offers available to any member of CrownPro are as follows:

  • Member-only promotions and product offerings
  • Introductory pricing on new products
  • Everyday discounts on all Crownbrush products
  • Promotional Items
  • Product previews
  • Year round online access to account and order information

A copy of photo identification and one piece of professional criteria must be included with the application. Examples of professional identification: Official Website Link, Composite card, Editorial Page with name credit, Union card, Professional License, Diploma/Certificate, Publication Masterhead, Program/Press Materials w/Name, Contract on Production Company Letterhead, Professional Letter of Reference of Employment. Required Identification must be current, indicate your name and Specific Profession. CrownPro reserves the right to require additional professional documentation at anytime. All identification will be destroyed after processing and will not be returned to you. Crownbrush Ltd, reserves the right to reject the application for any and no reason.

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