Lip Brushes

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Lip Brushes are an essential product in any Makeup Artists Kit and they should also be found in your Makeup Bag as well.

Their product versatility is second to none, you can perfectly apply you Lipstick, Lip Stain or Lip Gloss with our Lip brushes. By using a Lip Brush, you will achieve an even smooth coverage over your lips making them look even better.

A Lip Brush can be used in a variety of ways and the different styles available from Crownbrush makes our selection one of the largest to choose from, we have the traditional Oval Shape Lip Brush and for very precise and sharp Lip liner you can use our angle Lip Brushes. Using a brush for the application of product on your lips or your customers lips is the most hygienic way of applying a Lip Product.

Our Professional Quality Lip Brushes will leave you lips looking luscious.