Foundation Brushes

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If you wear Makeup, then you should have at least one Professional Quality Foundation Brush in you Makeup Kit or Bag. We have a wide selection of Foundation Brush styles from the more classic flat foundation brush to stippling foundation brushes or Buffing Foundation Brushes. A Foundation brush will help you achieve that flawless, even look all over your face. Our Foundation Brushes can be used with a variety of products, from Creams, to Powders, to Liquids depending upon your choice and finish you are looking to achieve. The majority of our Foundation Brushes are Synthetic making them suitable for all products. With over 30 different types of Foundation Brushes available to buy, there will be a style to suit your application.

Someone once said to us "Would you paint the walls in your house with your hands/fingers? No, because it would look patchy and streaky so don't do it to your face!" Buy your Foundation Brush online today from Crownbrush.