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Here at Crownbrush we have a beautiful range of professional quality foundations, featuring our Liquid Longwear Foundation which provide flawless medium to full coverage in a variety of shades to suit a wide range of skin tones, including dark, tan, medium, light and fair. Our premium liquid foundation has been expertly formulated to hydrate the skin, leaving you with a dewey, blemish-free complexion that will last all day long. 

As well as our range of high quality liquid foundations, we also have our ultimate 15 Colour Creme to Powder Foundation Palette, which contains a selection of stunning foundation shades, suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. This foundation palette is also extremely handy for travelling and saving space, making it a perfect addition to the handbag. The professional matte casing surrounding this palette boasts elegance and sophistication, whilst protecting the product itself inside. 

If you think you’d like to buy foundation online, why not have a browse through our full range now to find the perfect product for you. What’s more, if you choose to buy any of our foundations online in the UK, you’ll be eligible for Free UK Delivery on any order that comes to £30 or more across our entire site!