Q. How do I clean my brushes?

A. Crownbrush recommends using our brush cleaner or a gentle shampoo. Pour a small amount of brush cleaner into a container. Dip just the tip of the brush into the container and wipe off on a tissue. Repeat until brush is clean. Do not over-saturate the brush and leave the brush to dry horizontally to prevent liquid draining into the ferrule.

Q. What is the difference between natural hair and synthetic fibre brushes?

A. Crownbrush recommend using a synthetic haired brush for anything 'wet' i.e. liquid foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, cream blush etc. The synthetic hair gives a streak free finish and doesn’t soak up the product as much as natural hair. Natural hair brushes are the best for anything 'dry' i.e. mineral foundation, face powder, bronzer, blusher etc. The natural hair grabs the powder particles and places them on skin rather than falling off the brush onto your jumper!

The Syntho Series from Crownbrush has been manufactured to mirror natural hair fibres. If you prefer a full range of synthetic fibre brushes the Syntho Series is ideal.

Q. What are the differences between the natural hair types?

A. There are different types of natural hair and they all have a different feel. Badger hair and red sable feel the softest, whereas sable and goat hair feel firmer.  It is down to personal preference which hair type is preferred. We also stock a range of duo fibre brushes; these help achieve an airbrushed finish. The white synthetic tip will place the product on the skin and spread it evenly; the black natural hair will buff the top of the product and so achieving an airbrushed finish.

Q. Why should I use brushes to apply my makeup rather than my fingertips?

A. Using a brush helps to blend the product and give a more natural, professional finish. It is also much easier to keep your brushes clean and you use less product.

Q. Why are Crownbrush such good value for money?

A. We pride ourselves on offering the best value for money to our customers.  Crownbrush are an internet based company without any stores so are able to keep overheads to a minimum.  We also spend a limited amount on advertising. Crownbrush are a global manufacturer helping us keep our prices low and our customers happy!

Q. Can customers come into the warehouse?

A. Unfortunately not. All our products can be viewed online.

Q. How long does a brush last?

A. This is dependent on the amount of use and how you care for your brushes. If you look after your brushes, they will look after you!

Q. Can I amend my order?

A. Unfortunately not, as soon as you place your order online it is sent directly to our warehouse to be picked and packed.  Please see our No Fuss returns policy.