• The Future of Beauty: Exploring the Benefits of Vegan Makeup Brush Sets

    Posted on December 18 2023

    With the growing popularity of veganism and an increased awareness of the environmental impact of conventional beauty products, the demand for vegan makeup brush sets has skyrocketed. These cruelty-free brushes,...

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  • From Beginner to Pro: How to Build the Ultimate Set Bag as a Makeup Artist

    Posted on December 07 2023

    Are you a makeup artist looking to take your skills to the next level? Building the ultimate set bag is a crucial step in establishing yourself as a professional in...

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  • Taking your Makeup abroad?

    Posted on June 02 2023

    Are you going abroad this summer and wanting to take your makeup with you? Or are you travelling abroad for work and taking your whole Makeup kit with you for...

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  • A Guide to Different Types of Makeup Brushes: What's Their Purpose and How To Use Them

    Posted on January 13 2023

    ‍We all love feeling fabulous, especially when it comes to our appearance. We want to look put together and polished like we spent hours in front of a mirror instead...

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  • Rose Gold Vegan Brush Set

    Posted on June 01 2021

      Rose Gold Vegan Makeup Brush Set It’s been quite a while since we have released any new Makeup Brushes or Brush Sets, and we thought instead of just releasing...

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  • 10 Fun facts about Make-up brushes

    Posted on December 10 2020

    We believe that applying make-up should be a fun and enjoyable experience. The sheer variety of techniques you can perform with make-up brushes is nothing short of an art form....

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  • Tips for applying flawless foundation!

    Posted on November 06 2020

      Tips for applying flawless foundation! Glowing, youthful skin is the desired result of any woman’s beauty routine. Youth and beauty are still heavily intertwined, with a survey of 2000...

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  • How Many Makeup Brushes Do I Need?

    Posted on October 09 2020

    For the most beautiful appearance, it’s important to have the correct makeup brush for your makeup base, eyes, and lips. With so many makeup brushes in our range, it can...

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  • Which Makeup Brushes Are Used For What?

    Posted on September 18 2020

    It’s confusing, isn’t it? There are so many makeup brushes in different shapes and sizes! Which brush is used for powder or for liquid? Which brush should be used to...

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  • Which Makeup Brushes Do I Need?

    Posted on September 04 2020

    Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need that many make-up brushes. According to Good Housekeeping, a recent survey found that the average woman owns 40 makeup brushes – but...

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  • When To Clean Makeup Brushes

    Posted on August 07 2020

      You might already know that you’re supposed to clean your makeup brushes. But do you know when you need to clean them? It’s all very well giving them a...

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  • Halloween Makeup Ideas from Crownbrush

    Posted on September 27 2019

    If you are a Makeup Artist or are just crazy nuts about makeup, there is no way you haven’t started thinking about your Halloween makeup.  The more gruesome the better,...

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  • Student Makeup Kits

    Posted on September 18 2019

    We are immensely proud to be the first choice supplier of Student Makeup Kits for hundreds of learning centers all over the UK and Ireland. Each year we help support...

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  • How to Clean your Makeup Brushes

    Posted on May 03 2019

      How to Clean your Makeup Brushes?Ask any MUA (Make Up Artist) and they will tell you, many of their favourite and most loved Crownbrush Makeup Brushes are years old.How...

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  • Crown Pro 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set

    Posted on February 20 2019

    You asked and Crownbrush Delivered!! The newest member of the Crownbrush Set family in now LIVE on the Crownbrush Website. High quality Professional Make Up brushes, all produced with the...

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  • Gift Ideas from Crownbrush

    Posted on December 11 2018

    Gift ideas  Its here, the ultimate edit of Crownbrush’s best gifts for her, gifts for him, frankly something for all the make-up junkies in your life.  Whether it’s a marvelous...

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  • Choosing the Best Makeup Brush Set - Pro Essentials Insight

    Posted on November 16 2018

    Where to start when choosing the right Makeup Brush Set? It’s a question we are asked all the time. Here at the Crownbrush European Head Quarters we’ve decided to put...

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  • Lightweight Makeup Chair

    Posted on May 19 2017

      Introducing our Makeup Chair, something that we are very proud of and we know you are going to LOVE!   Here at Crownbrush UK HQ the team spend the...

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  • The People Behind Famous Beauty Brands

    Posted on May 04 2017

    Beauty is important for many of us, and the big-name Beauty Brands have become intertwined with our lives, whether they’re on our dressing table, in the shops we visit, or...

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  • Rose Gold Full Face Contour Set

    Posted on March 09 2017

    If you want to take the art of applying makeup to the next level, then the new Rose Gold Full Face Contour Set of brushes are the ones for you....

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  • Where Were the Most Famous Models Scouted?

    Posted on March 08 2017

    Famous Models We’re all familiar with some of the most famous models faces, whether we recognise them from billboards, TV adverts or magazines. It’s sometimes difficult to remind ourselves that...

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  • The Best Prosthetics from TV and Film

    Posted on February 08 2017

    With awards ceremonies such as The Oscars looming at the end of February, we wanted to take a look at some of the best prosthetics that have appeared in some...

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  • 35 Colour Nude Eye Shadow Palette

    Posted on February 01 2017

    Our 35 Colour Nude Eye Shadow Palette is ideal if you are looking for a new everyday palette that you can easily use to take your look from day to-night. This...

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  • Which Colours Suit Your Colouring?

    Posted on January 20 2017

    People who work in fashion, beauty and the arts in general will tell you that certain colours suit some colours better than others.  While this may even be common knowledge...

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  • 35 Colour Rose Gold Eye Shadow Palette

    Posted on January 10 2017

    You are 100% guaranteed to pay attention, to anything, with the words rose gold written in the description. No exceptions, because rose gold is just too damn pretty to ignore....

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  • Weirdest Beauty Trends from History

    Posted on January 04 2017

    While purple lipsticks and silver grey hair might be the beauty statements of the moment, there have always been beauty fashions throughout history. Even as far back as 8700 BC,...

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  • The Festive Season and How It Affects Your Skin

    Posted on December 13 2016

    While there’s always much excitement around Christmas and the Festive Season, the stress, over-eating and plenty of alcohol can have a toll on your health, even though it’s often fun...

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  • Bridal Makeup Tips

    Posted on November 14 2016

    We can all take a breath that wedding season is now finished, and with this in mind we wanted to share with you some of our expert Bridal Makeup Tips....

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  • How To: Buy The Right Makeup Brush

    Posted on August 28 2016

    How to Buy the right Makeup Brush is something we all struggle with at the very beginning, it can sometimes be a little confusing as there is so much choice...

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  • Lashes – Whats Hot!

    Posted on August 09 2016

    The lashes trend is not going anywhere this season and whether it is holidays, festivals, pool parties or just day-to-day glam times, eye-catching makeup is easy to achieve with the...

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  • How To Contour Correctly

    Posted on August 03 2016

    I’m taking over the Crownbrush blog today, and I am here to talk about the Art of Contouring and how to contour correctly. By this I don’t mean painting lots...

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  • CrownPro Brush Range Launches

    Posted on July 25 2016

    Have you seen the Latest Brush Range Launched by CrownBrush- CrownPro Range. We are delighted with the new Brushes that we have taken many months to design ensuring that we...

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  • Top Tips For Eye Makeup

    Posted on June 30 2016

    Eye makeup can be a little daunting at times especially if you usually like to stick to a slick of liner and a coat of mascara. Sometimes it’s nice to step...

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  • London Fashion Week Backstage with Sophia Webster & Benefit Cosmetics

    Posted on February 26 2016

    So another season, another London Fashion Week finished. Our Head of Make-up Artistry Zoe Newlove was invited back to be on the Benefit Cosmetics Trend Team again this year. Lisa...

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  • How To Survive London Fashion Week

    Posted on February 19 2016

    It is that time of year again, where the fashion and beauty industries align and the Earth goes into craziness overdrive. Today our Head of Make-up Artistry Zoe Newlove has...

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  • Building The Foundations

    Posted on February 04 2016

    How do you apply your foundation? With your fingers? A flat foundation brush? A buffing brush? A beauty blender? So many options. How do you know which is the right...

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  • Crownbrush 35 Colour Metal Madness Eyeshadow Palette

    Posted on January 25 2016

    Introducing our new and improved Makeup Palette the 35 Colour Metal Madness Eyeshadow Palette! This is our Head of Make-up Artistry, Zoe Newlove, favourite palette simply because of the beautiful...

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  • All About That Base

    Posted on January 22 2016

    It’s all about that Perfect base folks. Whether your brows are on form, or you are wearing the perfect lipstick, the one thing you have to get right, first and...

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  • 7 Piece Gun Metal Travel Brush Set

    Posted on January 07 2016

    Say hello to our brand new make-up brush set: 7 PC Gun Metal Travel Brush Set. Perfect for throwing in your hand bag or suitcase, never be without your favourite...

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  • Six Essential Eyeshadow Brushes

    Posted on December 18 2015

    Time to upgrade from your sponge applicators folks and get your head around the idea of using different styles of eyeshadow brushes. Yes that is right, there are many different...

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  • Smoke It Out Bundle

    Posted on December 17 2015

    Our Smoke It Out Bundle has everything you need to create the perfect eye make-up look. With 35 varying colours to choose from, a mixture of bold, bright pigments and...

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  • Silicone Angle Liner Review

    Posted on November 23 2015

    The latest addition to our make-up brush family: C475 Silicone Angle Liner Brush. Struggle with creating that perfect winged liner? We know the feeling all too well. Perfect for gel...

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  • Mr Foggs Residence Tipsy Tea for #CrownbrushXmas

    Posted on November 09 2015

    Last weekend we decided to host our very first Blogger Event, to kick start Christmas Festivities, at the wonderful Mr Fogg’s Residence in Mayfair, London. There were 13 of us...

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  • Colour Correcting Tips & 20 Colour Concealer Palette

    Posted on October 14 2015

    We thought we would give you some Colour Correcting Tips using our 20 Colour Concealer Palette! A combination of colour correcting and contouring – all in one palette. Colour correcting...

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  • London Fashion Week Sophia Webster Show AW2017

    Posted on September 21 2015

    Another round of London Fashion Week and once again Crownbrush UK could be found backstage alongside the Benefit Cosmetics #TrendTeam headed up by Make-up Artist Lisa Potter-Dixon. This time they...

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  • Makeup Brushes for Mineral Makeup

    Posted on September 11 2015

    Mineral makeup is becoming more and more popular, with new tried and tested formulas breaking onto the market. From foundations, to blusher to eyeshadows there is something for everyone. It...

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  • 10 Colour Blush Palette Review

    Posted on September 11 2015

    A girl can never have too many blushers right? Never. This is why you need our 10 Colour Blush Palette. Lets take a closer look at the 10 colour blush...

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  • How To Pick The Perfect Makeup Brushes

    Posted on August 27 2015

    How do you really know that you have picked out the perfect makeup brushes for you? What do you have to take into consideration? Hair type? Shape? Size? Colour? Style?...

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