Which Colours Suit Your Colouring?

Posted on January 20 2017

Which Colours Suit Your Colouring?

People who work in fashion, beauty and the arts in general will tell you that certain colours suit some colours better than others.  While this may even be common knowledge to many of you. Would you know which colours would go with pale skin vs dark skin? Or which colours would best suit red hair as opposed to blonde?

Now the Fun Bit.

Our latest infographic will guide you on what colours best suit you, depending on your eye, skin and hair colour. You can find out which skin tone, hair colour or eye colour will be complimented by which colours in the top part of the infographic by following the lines that link them. Or you can pick which colours you like at the bottom and see what eye, hair and skin tones would best suit them. Take a closer look at the infographic below to find out which colours will bring out your blue eyes or compliment your sun-kissed skin.

Which Colours Suit Infographic


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