The People Behind Famous Beauty Brands

Posted on May 04 2017

The People Behind Famous Beauty Brands

Beauty is important for many of us, and the big-name Beauty Brands have become intertwined with our lives, whether they’re on our dressing table, in the shops we visit, or in the magazines we read.

What do we know?

But how much do we know about those brands, beyond the products themselves? Who founded them? And where, and what were their origins? Well, at Crown Brush, we’ve done at bit of digging, and behind every big brand is a story. For example, did you know that Helena Rubinstein began her career by selling a handmade cream her mother made? Or that Biotherm was inspired after a French doctor discovered the secret to the anti-ageing properties of the Pyrenees springs? Or that Estée Lauder first got a taste for skincare when her Hungarian uncle came to stay and taught her how to make beauty products?

Read our infographic, and discover the stories behind all the beauty brands you love, and you never know, you may be inspired to create one of your own!

Beauty Brands Infographic

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