Which Makeup Brushes Do I Need?

Posted on September 04 2020

Which Makeup Brushes Do I Need?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need that many make-up brushes. According to Good Housekeeping, a recent survey found that the average woman owns 40 makeup brushes – but it does not need to be that way. A decent makeup brush set can contain as little as seven brushes to help you enhance your appearance for the better.

 Which Makeup Brushes Do I Need? Crownbrush Makeup Brush Selection

Synthetic, natural fiber, or mixed makeup brushes should work well with your face, and also your pocket. Here’s a list of the essential makeup brushes we think you need for your beauty case. 


  1. Oval Flat Concealer Brush 

This is the best professional makeup brush when it comes to avoiding finger tapping your face. It's the perfect brush if you want to precisely apply a product on a tiny area, without spoiling the rest of your makeup. The best brush of this kind on the market is Deluxe Oval Concealer Brush.

Which Makeup Brushes Do I Need? Concealer Brush

  1. Face Powder Brush

Among the essential makeup brushes is a fluffy face powder brush. Although there is nothing wrong with sponges, the powder brush is your best bet when it comes to a light-handed touch and sophisticated finish. Choose a fluffy brush that can sufficiently hold the amount of powder you prefer. The brush you choose is down to personal preference, but we absolutely love the super-soft pro-lush powder brush.

Which Makeup Brushes Do I Need? Crownbrush Powder Brush

  1. Oval Foundation Brush

Every makeup brush set contains at least one oval foundation brush. Specially-designed for foundation and liquid product application, it's best to use a synthetic fiber brush that won't absorb your product but deliver it fully into your skin. If you still haven't found the right one, we recommend Infinity Oval Foundation Brush.

Which Makeup Brushes Do I Need? Crownbrush Foundation Brush

  1. Flat Highlighter Brush

Highlighters can completely transform our dull appearance to a shiny, brighter one. Always choose a flat and firmly bristled highlighter brush that will help you press shimmer with the wide side. For blending the product, use the edge by softly applying. Avoid fluffy brushes for highlighting - they are hard to control.

  1. Small Eye Shadow Fluff Brush

The makeup brush set favorite - its majesty, the small eye shadow brush. Choose a semi-dense small brush that can be used for both pressed and loose eye shadow. This brush is easy for product depositing and blending it along the eyelid. The #1 on the market is the irreplaceable Small Chisel Fluff Brush

Which Makeup Brushes Do I Need? Crownbrush Eyeshadow Brush

  1. Blusher Brush

A bit of blush makes all the difference to an otherwise bland complexion. (Fun fact, the application of blusher originates in the Egyptian times, when they used  ground red ochre mixed with fat to produce a red tint for the cheeks and lips). Make sure you find a soft powder brush with enough precision to cover just the apple of the cheeks.

  1. Angled Brush for Brows

The best beauty weapon of all times when it comes to perfect brows, the angled brush with firm bristles is perfect for filling in gaps or painting a new pair. The finer the angle is, the more perfect the brow lines are. Make sure you include this one to your essential makeup brushes.

Which Makeup Brushes Do I Need? Crownbrush Brow Brush


Don’t waste time, money and energy on too many makeup brushes! With these essential makeup brushes, you can complete your day to day look with ease.

If you are going for a more extravagant look or regularly go out on the town, you may also want to consider buying:

  • A contouring brush
  • A lip brush
  • A bronzer brush
  • A blender brush

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