Rose Gold Full Face Contour Set

Posted on March 09 2017

Rose Gold Full Face Contour Set

If you want to take the art of applying makeup to the next level, then the new Rose Gold Full Face Contour Set of brushes are the ones for you. Modern, dynamic, precise and innovative, these super soft paddle-brushes apply makeup flawlessly for that perfect finish, and can be used with both powder AND cream makeup.

We have included 3 different sizes of brushes within this great-value set to give the full & flawless face experience: You can contour, highlight, conceal and even apply your foundation with these brushes.  The sleek design and eye-catching rose-gold finish make them a perfect addition to your makeup tool collection.


The fibres we use are high quality, 100% synthetic and vegan friendly.


How to hold the Rose Gold Full Face Contour Brushes?


The ergonomic design of the brushes, although not your typical makeup brush style, fit perfectly within the hand. The fibre shape and brush head fits into the facial structure and contours comfortably to give you superior sculpting and precision. As soon as you pick these brushes up you will find your own unique way to hold them and use them.


How to apply makeup using the Rose Gold Full Face Contour Set?


Think of these brushes like an extension of your fingertips, it will soon become easier than ever to use makeup. If you are using a liquid or cream you can apply it directly to the brush to use, or simply dib the brush head into powder/makeup and onto the face – it’s absolutely up to you!


Let the brush do the work by simply gliding the brushes across your skin. You can buff & blend the makeup in using circular motions, as you would your normal makeup brushes, but the paddle-style brushes are specifically designed to make your work easier. Our makeup artists find they work particularly well when used with cream makeup and contouring becomes easier with the oval and face-friendly shapes of these brushes.

Makeup Artist Tip: Use the smaller of the brushes for cream contour application all over the face, and the largest brush to blend it into the skin. The medium brush is perfect for sculpting the high points of the face with highlights and glow.


Why We Love them:


The Rose Gold Full Face Contour brushes enhance the application of makeup not just for the professional makeup artist, but for everybody.


The fibre type and dense bundles of the brush ensure your makeup isn’t absorbed into the brush, allowing you to use minimal amounts of makeup and less waste.


A lot of paddle-style brushes are known to break and snap at the head of the brush, which can be an expensive accident. Ours are made using reinforced materials that are specially designed to withstand twisting, bending and a heavy-handed application.

The ultra-soft fibres of these brushes ensure they are suitable for ALL skin types, including those who are sensitive and reactive to other brushes.

See why makeup artists all over the world have been turning to the concept of a paddle brush! Shop Here: Rose Gold Full Face Contour Set

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