Colour Correcting Tips & 20 Colour Concealer Palette

Posted on October 14 2015

Colour Correcting Tips & 20 Colour Concealer Palette

We thought we would give you some Colour Correcting Tips using our 20 Colour Concealer Palette! A combination of colour correcting and contouringall in one palette.

Colour correcting tips

A tool commonly used by make-up artists and is something that a lot of folk outside of the make-up industry are a little unsure of. I mean, if I had no idea what colour correcting was, those green, pink and purple concealers would certainly scare me a little.


When used properly, you can use these colourful concealers to help improve the tone of your skin – without the need for layers of heavy concealer and foundation. We have broken down the colours above for you in one of the photographs – but in case you missed it, take a look at the below:

Colour Correcting Rules:

Purple – neutralises yellow tones

White – Acts as a highlighter / brightening

Green – tackles and rectifies any redness

Yellow – neutralises any purple areas

Pink – used for brightening dull skin

Orange – neutralises any blue tones

Brown – balances ashy tones in medium to darker skin.

Now, depending on your skin, you will not need to use every single one of these shades. The most commonly used colours are yellow and orange, used to correct dark circles around the eyes, and green concealer is fantastic for eliminating redness.

For the perfect base, prime your skin using our HD Effect Foundation Primer, followed by a combination of colour correctors. Once you are happy with your skin at this point, you may then go in with either a foundation or use the concealers in this palette to add light and depth to your face.

Both of the concealers and the colour correctors in this palette have a creamy consistency, and leave a medium to full coverage finish on the skin, whilst feeling light as a feather.

A palette perfect for professionals, but also great for those who want to experiment and dabble more within the art of make-up.

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