Where Were the Most Famous Models Scouted?

Posted on March 08 2017

Where Were the Most Famous Models Scouted?

Famous Models

We’re all familiar with some of the most famous models faces, whether we recognise them from billboards, TV adverts or magazines. It’s sometimes difficult to remind ourselves that these are just ordinary people who, before they were famous, would go about their day-to-day lives just as we do. We wanted to take a look at the pivotal moment in these model’s lives when they were discovered. More specifically to see where exactly they got scouted resulting in worldwide fame.

Where Famous Models are discovered.

While it may seem the most obvious way for a model to be scouted is in a modelling contest, which was true for Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr. There are many surprising locations where some of the most famous models were discovered. For example, Jourdan Dunn was scouted one day when she was just 15 shopping in Primark in Hammersmith. Natalia Vodianova also has a beautiful story where she was working as a fruit trader on her own stall in Russia to try to earn enough money for some food for her family that evening when she was spotted by a passing model scout. Take a look at the infographic below to find out more about these famous models and exactly where they were scouted.


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