How To Pick The Perfect Makeup Brushes

Posted on August 27 2015

How To Pick The Perfect Makeup Brushes

How do you really know that you have picked out the perfect makeup brushes for you? What do you have to take into consideration? Hair type? Shape? Size? Colour? Style?

Head of Make-up Artistry Zoe Newlove puts together her top tips on selecting the perfect makeup brushes for you.

Each person is different, you will all have your own personal preferences, we all have different make-up routines and different requirements, so one collection of brushes that works for your friend, may not necessarily work for you…

Empty out Your Make-up Bag

Look at what you use on a daily basis. Do you use liquid or powder foundation? Do you use a gel eye liner? Are grooming your brows an essential? How about your cheeks, is blusher in there too?

Line up each individual product first of all, and then group them into two separate piles: Powder and Liquid. Then start thinking about different categories such as face brushes, ones for your eyes and lip brushes if you want.

Brush Hair Types – and why this is important.

Some brush hairs work better with different products. For instance, our Taklon ranges work great with cream and liquid products, whereas the Sable and Goat mixture works fantastically with powder. I personally love our Duo Fibre brushes as these are great for both powder and liquid products, as are our Syntho Fiber brushes.

If you use all liquid products and choose only natural hair brushes,  you will need to ensure you are prepared for the brush to absorb some of the product, which you guessed it, means regular deep cleaning of your brushes.

Multi-tasking Brushes

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a separate brush for each part of your make-up routine. For instance, a lot of my foundation brushes can double up as powder and bronzer application too. Even your fluffy eye blending brush can be used to blend out concealer too. If you are on a tight budget, then look at each brush type and see how you can tailor it’s uses to your routine.


Of course you want your brushes to look pretty too. This is where we make it easy. All of our brushes come with professional matte black handles and a choice of black or silver ferrules. The Luna being an exception to the rule, as this range has a beautiful Black Patent handle and Ferrule – my personal favourite.


You need to take into consideration how you are going to carry your brushes around, especially if you travel a lot. In our Accessories section we have different types of brush cases and tubes to store your brushes, but we also have a selection of mini brush sets – perfect for throwing in your hand bag when on the go.

On a daily basis I can probably count on one hand how many brushes I use. For example:

Primer + Foundation – IB103 Flat Bronzer

Bronzer / Blusher – C106 Unique Pointed Dome

Brows / Liner – SS025 Syntho Brow Duo

Eyeshadow / Blending – C417 Chubby Shadow

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