Halloween Makeup Ideas from Crownbrush

Posted on September 27 2019

Halloween Makeup Ideas from Crownbrush

If you are a Makeup Artist or are just crazy nuts about makeup, there is no way you haven’t started thinking about your Halloween makeup.  The more gruesome the better, and year in year out the looks become more toe curling and realistic, WE LOVE IT!! The talent demonstrated using Crownbrush Makeup brushes and Makeup products during Halloween blow us away, from Special Effects Make Up, to character face paint designs tag us in it all using #hauntedcrown

Crownbrush Halloween Makeup Ideas Blog _ Katie Wrigley Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist @Katiewrigley can be found on Instagram

Crownbrush Halloween tips and tricks

Make Your Halloween Make Up Last All Night

  • Skin Prep is a MUST using the Crownbrush HD Face Primer on the skin before application, Crownbrush Undereye Primer for the delicate under eye and the lid. This leaves the skin smooth and prepped for the application of your Halloween Makeup
  • Set the Makeup look using a Translucent Crownbrush Setting Powder, being careful not to over apply as this may lead to a drying effect
  • Set the makeup at the end of application with Crownbrush Setting Spray

Removal of Halloween Makeup

If your usual make up remover is not doing the job please don’t panic! There are a few tricks of the trade to remove every trace of the makeup and it’s only right we share those with you.

-Start by removing what you can with good old make up remover, most water based products will come away easily with this method.

-With any makeup left, (don’t judge), apply a layer of shaving foam to your face massaging around the areas you need to clean, remove with a warm damp cloth and the shaving foam should have removed even the most stubborn of stains.  Be careful around your eyes as shaving foam in the eye is far from ideal!!

Crownbrush Halloween Makeup Ideas Blog - Makeup Artist Jessymalone123

Makeup Artist @Jessymalone123 can be found on Instagram

Removal of Latex and Glue

- Most Latex products will peel off with ease, don’t force it though as you may irritate the skin, good old soap and water will do the trick here.

- Oil based products are great for the removal of most Glues, a small amount of baby oil for example massaged into the glue and it should come right away.

Tag us in your looks we can’t wait to see them using #hauntedcrown

Crownbrush Halloween Makeup Ideas - @cutiebycarolmua

Makeup Artist @cutiebycarolmua can be found on Instagram

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