Tips for applying flawless foundation!

Posted on November 06 2020

Tips for applying flawless foundation!


Tips for applying flawless foundation!

Glowing, youthful skin is the desired result of any woman’s beauty routine. Youth and beauty are still heavily intertwined, with a survey of 2000 women showing that the ‘desired age’ for feminine beauty is 31, and more than 90% saying they wish to look younger. The great news is, with the right makeup tricks (and brushes) you can achieve this look no matter your age or skin type. It all starts with the foundation. 

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The first thing you’ll need to get that flawless look is a set of professional quality makeup brushes. Poor quality brushes can cause patchy, streaky, uneven foundation. High quality brushes, on the other hand, help your makeup blend beautifully. Remember, high quality brushes can also last you a long time when cared for correctly, so it is well worth making the investment. 

For magazine-worthy skin, you’ll need a few other items aside from makeup brushes. These include:

  1. A fantastic moisturizer that is designed to sit under makeup. 
  2. The perfect primer to apply underneath your foundation. 
  3. A good quality foundation that matches your skin tone.
  4. An idea of the look you’re going for (e.g. dewy, matte)
  5. A finishing spray or finishing powder.


Tips for applying flawless foundation

Before you follow the Crownbrush protocol, you’ll definitely want the following makeup brushes in your kit:

  1. An oval foundation brush
  2. A stippling brush
  3. A round buffer brush

It is also essential that you buy a foundation that matches your skin tone, or that of your spray tan. To do this, match the foundation to the color of your neck. This prevents the dreaded line around your jaw. Blending is King!

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How to apply flawless foundation

So you’re ready, you’ve washed your hands, your brushes are clean and you have all your bits in front of you ready to make your skin look perfect. Here’s what you do:

  1. Wash your face. It sounds silly, right? Truth is, a clean face will give the best start to your flawless finish. Avoid washing with hand soap which is harsh on your skin. Once you have washed your skin with water, use a cotton pad to cleanse and tone your face (avoid your eyes and lips).
  2. Moisturize. Stroke a little moisturizer over your skin with your fingers (avoid eyes and lips). Allow a minute or two for it to absorb. This will hydrate your face and stop the foundation looking dry.
  3. Prime. Use Crownbrush’s foundation primer to help keep foundation in place and for an even finish. Again, use a small blob and stroke on with your fingers.
  4. Apply liquid foundation. Squirt a little blob of foundation on the back of your hand and then use a round foundation brush to dab most of the foundation onto the large areas of your face: your cheeks and forehead, then you evenly spread it over the face. Use a stippling brush to get rid of any lines.
  5. Set with translucent or skin-color powder foundation. Use a buffer brush to apply powder to the top of the liquid foundation. This will create the perfect finish.

Ét voila! You have the flawless foundation you’ve always dreamed of. Get ready to take some gorgeous selfies! 

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Getting this beautiful look is easy. No matter who you are, what your lifestyle is like or how many years you have behind you, beautiful skin is still an option. For the best quality and affordable foundation, browse our online shop today! 

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