Crown Pro 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set

Posted on February 20 2019

Crown Pro 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set

You asked and Crownbrush Delivered!! The newest member of the Crownbrush Set family in now LIVE on the Crownbrush Website. High quality Professional Make Up brushes, all produced with the very highest grade of Ultra soft Hair. This Makeup Brush Set has been expertly put together and is arguably our most comprehensive brush set yet.  All the Make Up Brushes in the Crown Pro Makeup Brush Set have been selected from our Best Selling Crown Pro Brush Range, 15 Brushes and an A2 Faux Leather Apron, hands up who wants £192 worth of brushes for ONLY £99.99 WE DO! WE DO! WE DO!

 Crown Pro Makeup Brush Set

What is in the Brush Set:

Face Brushes


C499            Pro Pointed Powder/Contour Brush       Natural             £22.99

Thanks to its large pointed shape, this brush is excellent for quickly setting the face with powder as well as packing powder into those hard to reach areas. Because of its tapered cut, it allows for total control of product placement and seamless blending, making it the perfect natural contour brush. Its high grade, ultra-soft bristles make it suitable for powder products.

C501          Pro Feather Powder Brush              Natural             £19.99

Ideal for light to medium powder coverage, as well as highlighting along the high points of the face. The ultra-soft Capra blend bristles are of medium density, resulting in a lighter application and a soft as a feather feel across the face. Perfect for a more natural application of product.

C502          Pro Duo Fibre Round Blender Brush      Natural             £18.99

The perfect foundation blending brush due to its mixed blend of natural and synthetic fibres. The long synthetic fibres evenly disperse and blend the product, while the densely packed natural fibres help hold the brush's shape and stability. Product can either be placed directly on the brush or face or buffed into the skin using a circular motion. Creates a medium to full coverage application.

C520          Pro Curved Contour Brush               Synthetic          £16.99

Designed to fit under the cheekbone and glide with the natural curve of the cheek, creating a very organic contour that is specifically tailored to the individual facial structure. The precision cut allows for maximum product dispersion on the higher points of the face, creating a very lifted and sculpted appearance. Because of its high-grade synthetic bristles, the Pro Curved Contour Brush is suitable for both powder and cream cosmetics, is easy to clean, and indefinitely holds its shape and structure

C522          Pro Highlight Contour Brush            Synthetic          £11.99

Designed to flow with the high points of the face, making it the perfect highlighting and blush brush. Its high grade, ultra-plush synthetic bristles glide evenly over the cheekbones, dispersing product only where the sun would naturally hit the face, creating a very natural application. Because of the densely packed fibres, this brush can also be used in the hollows of the cheek to create a seamlessly blended contour

C523          Pro Mini Flat Contour Brush             Synthetic          £6.99

Tiny in shape and densely packed bristles make it the perfect contouring tool for the more delicate areas of the face, such as the bridge of the nose and around the brow and eye area. This ultra-soft synthetic brush is cruelty-free, easy to clean, and maintains its shape and structure throughout countless uses.

C530          Pro Detail Powder/Contour Brush      Natural             £12.99

Excellent for setting the under-eye area with powder as well as packing powder into those hard to reach, quick to produce oil places such as the corners of your nose. Because of its tapered cut, it allows for total control of product placement and seamless blending, making it the perfect natural contour brush. It's high grade, ultra-soft natural hair.

C533          Pro Blender Brush                           Synthetic          £6.99

Perfect brush for blending out Foundations, Concealers & Powders. Use a Circular motion with the brush to blend and buff the product to perfection into the skin.

 Crown Pro Brush Set Face Brushes

Eye Brushes

C510          Pro Oval Shader Brush                    Natural             £5.99

The dense flat head is designed for controlled eyeshadow placement on the eyelid, making it ideal for more elaborate, multi shadow looks. Its flat, stiff shape also makes it perfect for cleaning up and highlighting the area under the brow. The ultra-soft Capra Blend Bristles easily pick up powder, resulting in medium to full coverage of desired product.

C511          Pro Blending Fluff Brush                  Natural             £6.99

Designed to pack shadow onto the lid as well as blend out shadow for a natural and seamless application. The ultra-soft Capra Blend bristles pick up and apply powder resulting in a medium to full coverage application, and its flat, tapered cut allows for precise and controlled product placement in hard to reach areas of the eyelid.

C512          Pro Sculpting Crease Brush             Natural             £7.99

The Perfect tool for blending out shadow in the crease area of the lid. Because of the high-grade natural bristle blend, this brush easily picks up large amounts of product, dispersing it evenly along the lid, resulting in a more dramatic, full coverage application. Perfect for those smoky eye, intense looks that require master blending.

C514          Pro Detail Liner Brush                     Natural             £3.99

The long, stiff bristles are designed to hold shape and firmness throughout the application of both traditional and winged eyeliner styles. This high-grade sable brush is stiff enough to pick up large amounts of product, but still has enough softness and elasticity to allow it to glide with the shape of the eye

C515          Pro Precision Crease Brush             Natural             £3.99

The bullet shape and dense natural blend bristles easily fit into the crease of the eyelid. Can be used in the outer corner of the lid with powder products to create extra depth and intensity to smokey eye looks, as well as in the lash line to finish off the look.

C529          Pro Jumbo Blending Crease            Natural             £9.99

Designed to fit along the crease of the lid, blending quickly and seamlessly over larger areas of the eye for a faster all over application and eyeshadow blend. The bristles are a high-grade natural blend, which leave the brush dense enough to pick up large amounts of powder while still maintaining its ultra-soft feel on the delicate eye area. The Pro Jumbo Blending Crease Brush is also perfect tool for highlighting on the higher points of the face like the cheekbones and bridge of the nose.


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 Crown Pro Makeup Brush Set    






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