Lightweight Makeup Chair

Posted on May 19 2017

Lightweight Makeup Chair


Introducing our Makeup Chair, something that we are very proud of and we know you are going to LOVE!


Here at Crownbrush UK HQ the team spend the year traveling all over Europe, visiting heaps of places large and small, from Exhibitions, Beauty Shows, Salons, Online Retailers, Shops, Makeup Academies, Colleges, Universities…. The list goes on and on, and you know what? We love every second of it!  Along the way we get loads of great feedback on our current products, finding out what you guys the customers like, and sometimes dislike, hearing all about how and where you use Crownbrush products, and it makes our day.   Regularly we are asked about new products we are adding to our ever changing product portfolio. Over the last eighteen months the same product kept coming up……… Something you guys were struggling to source, and often when you did the quality just wasn’t there, and that’s the professional Makeup Chair.

Why we sourced the Crownbrush Makeup Chair.

Well you spoke and we listened. We got to work straight away sourcing the best materials, and researching what it is you guys needed from a makeup chair. Our development team spent time talking to makeup artists, salon owners and tutors across the UK to find out what they felt were the most important aspects…..  from what we learnt this is the little beauty we came up with.

Now admittedly you may be finding it hard to get as excited about a chair as we do…….But as a makeup artist myself I have spent years fighting with awkward chairs, which creak when even the smallest of clients try to get comfy, which are temperamental, impossible to lug about, slippery on floor surfaces and super heavy! In essence a pain in the bum, but trying to work without one is just not an option.  Not only does it give you the optimum height to work on your client, but it shows professionalism, it’s always been an essential part of my kit.

Some Technical Information about the Makeup Chair.

So let me introduce you to this little beaut; The Crownbrush Black Lightweight Aluminium Directors Chair.  Constructed from lightweight but strong sleek black aluminium, black seat and back rest, foot rest, folds away to fit in a boot.  When up it’s the perfect height for working on clients, no more bending over all day trying to apply make up to people sitting in normal chairs. Now for the technical stuff…. Its dimensions are Height is 110cm, the seat height being at 73cm, the seat width is 56cm with a back rest of 36cm.

The chair weighs only 5kg and are being sold for just £149.99 Shop the chairs Shop the chairs HERE






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