501 Master Set – The Breakdown

Posted on November 07 2014

501 Master Set – The Breakdown

Today on the Crownbrush Blog we have the ultimate Professional makeup brush set: The 501 Master Set. With 30 make-up brushes to choose from,  all presented in this professional, black leatherine wrap, you will have everything you need to get started.

This is one of our best selling sets amongst new students and working professionals. With a variety of brush hairs, including our sable and goat blend and exclusive synthetic taklon hair, each of the brushes are professionally finished with a black matte handle and sleek, silver ferrule perfect for luxurious make-up application.

Face Brushes

From Left to Right:

C107 Powder Dome

C110 Tapered Powder

C106 Pointed Dome

C141 Small Chisel Blush

C104 Angle Blush

All of these brushes are great for powder application, whether that be a bronzer, a blusher or a setting powder. The bigger brushes are ideal for all over face application, where as the smaller ones are more suited to application of make-up to the cheeks.

From Left to Right

C108 Flat Bronzer

C01 Maxi Mop

C707-3/4 Oval Foundation

C202  Red Sable Oval

We love using the Flat Bronzer to apply cream bronzer to the highest points of the face, but it is also great as a foundation brush too! The Red Sable Oval makes for the perfect under eye concealer brush but can also be used as a precision highlighter brush.

Eye and Lip Brushes

From Left to Right

C170-6 Oval Taklon

C134 Lash  Fan

C160 1/8 angle liner

C224 Oval Camoflauge

We are now moving onto the make-up brushes used to perfect little details. As these particular brushes are synthetic taklon, they can be used with cream and liquid products as well as powder. The little fan brush is great for applying precision highlighter or dusting setting powder underneath the eye or to set a specific area of concealer, perhaps an area that is covering blemishes.

From Left to Right:

C155  Brow Lash Groomer

C115 Pro Spoolie

C221 Eyelash Definer

These brushes are an essential for any make-up lover, be a professional or just someone who loves to have the key tools  to hand. When creating luscious lashes or defined brows these tools will help you brush any stray hairs into place are great for separating and de-clumping mascara build up.

From Left to Right:

C207  sable angle liner

C204  red sable oval

C205 red sable oval

These sables brushes are great for creating precision when applying lipstick or lipliner, the angle liner can also be used as your classic eye liner brush. If you want clean, sharp edges on your lips then these are the brushes you need. This set really does cover everything for flawless application.

C222 round contour long handle

C208 Chisel Deluxe Fluff

C209 Chisel Pointed Fluff

C200 Deluxe  Crease

Using these brushes you will be able to create any eye look, including the classic smokey eye. Designed to be used all over the lid, in the crease and along and around the lash line, there is a brush size for every style of application.

C113 Taklon Square

C206  Deluxe Sable Lip Brush with cover

C217  bent liner

C216  stiff brow

C250-0  mini liner

C212 detail mini chisel

C213 mini chisel smudger

And when you think you couldn’t possibly need any more brushes, these further 7 are again great for detail, whether that be adding more definition to the eye area with an eye liner, adding more gloss to your lips with the deluxe sable lip brush or simply getting a little creative, you will find something in this selection to your liking.

This set is available online for £122.99.

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