517 15pc Luna Series Brush Set Review

Posted on August 12 2014

517 15pc Luna Series Brush Set Review


Today on the Crownbrush UK blog, our best selling Luna Series Brush Set (Set 517) is stealing the show. 15 professional make-up brushes are presented in a smart, black leatherine case. All of these brushes have been created using elegant black handles with a glossy finish, paired with sleek, black ferrules. See it here

Each make-up brush has been crafted meticulously, starting with the wooden handle. The bristles are composed of either natural (sable, sable + goat mix, badger) or synthetic hair. Every bristle composition whether it be natural or synthetic, has been designed to deliver optimal performance across each style of brush.



Let’s discuss the brushes!

From left to right:

The BK04 Angle Brush is the perfect shape and size for applying your blusher! The angled shape also allows you to contour the hollow of your cheeks, fitting nicely underneath your cheek bone. Ideal for accentuating your bone structure!

The set would not be complete without a foundation brush, and we love the BK09 Deluxe Oval Foundation brush. Made from synthetic hair, you can use this with liquid or cream foundation to create a flawless finish, whether it be a light or full coverage.

A personal favourite of our Head of Make-up Artistry’s, Zoe Newlove, the BK06 Flat Bronzer, a great multi-purpose brush! Of course, as the name would suggest, due to the shape and flat surface, this makes a great brush for sweeping bronzer around the face. Suitable for buffing, blending and contouring, the densely packed bristles allow you to apply product seamlessly and quickly. Zoe likes to use this to buff in mineral foundation for a super flawless base.

Who loves a soft, fluffy brush? Everyone does of course. Our BK01 Jumbo Powder is ideal for loose or pressed powder application, but you may also use this to gently sweep bronzer around the contours of your face. A fab brush.

You can never have enough eye brushes!

The BK14 Deluxe Oval Shadow is a great one to have in your collection. A great size for applying base shadow all across the lid right up to the brow bone.

An often underestimated brush, the lip brush is a make-up artist’s greatest tool. The BK19 Mini Oval Taklon has soft, yet firm bristles, specifically designed to line, contour and blend with ease when creating lipstick designs.

Concealer brush, BK10 Oval Concealer, is also in this set, this rounded flat shaped, thin precision tip brush with synthetic bristles allows flawless application of cream or liquid concealers underneath the eye or in hard to reach areas, like the inner eye or lash line.

The BK17 Deluxe Round Angle Stippler, another multi-purpose brush, this time for eyes. You may use this to apply powder all over the eyelid, all the way up to the brow bone using the flat, dense surface area. With it being the right density, somewhere between firm and fluffy, you can also use this to soften your shadow by blending and buffing. Due to the angle and cut of the edge of this brush, you can also add definition to the crease/socket using this tapered side.

 BK18 Round Crease, bristles a mix of sable and goat hair, the tapered, round top is the perfect size for applying and blending eye shadow all over the lid. Just the right shape to also further define the socket, with the right density giving you the ability to softly blend.

No set would be complete without a brow brush, and we love the BK20 Angle Brow. The best brow brushes are firm, and cut at the right angle to help create precise shape and definition.

Wondered how to create a smokey eye with just a smudge of liner? The BK16 Mini Smudger is the ideal brush for this technique. An oval shape, with flat, natural bristles, use this along the top and lower lash line. You may also use this to add highlighter along the brow bone.

Fan brushes are just a fabulous accessory, the  BK08 Badger Deluxe Fan. Fan brushes are brilliant for dusting off fallen eye shadow pigment and lightly sweeping loose setting powders over the skin. Zoe personally loves this for setting the under eye area after applying concealer.

Not forgetting the BK11 Angle Liner, the synthetic brush has a variety of uses. Simply use with a gel or pencil liner to define the lash line, but this can also be used as another brow brush. Zoe likes to use angle liners as a lip brush, due to the nature of the bristles you can use lots of different products, whether they be cream, liquid, gel or powder.

Last but not least both the BK22 Brow/Lash Groomer & BK23 Pro Spoolie are essential brushes in any make-up bag. The Brow/Lash groomer is great for brushing those brow hairs into place and defining your eyelashes – especially when mascara gets a little clumpy. The spoolie is a key tool to creating natural, yet defined brows, a great way to brush through product to soften and blend.

This set is by far our favourite, and we know you will just love it. Shop Now!

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