Crownbrush 613 7 Piece HD Set

Posted on May 10 2013

Crownbrush 613 7 Piece HD Set

HD Brushes have been making a big impact in the beauty industry to work alongside HD photography and filming. The Crownbrush 613 HD Set is a combination of quality dense Nylon bristles for precise application which are perfectly adapted to the new generation of cream and liquid make-up, and are becoming increasingly popular with professional make-up artists. Used with powder shadows, they pick up smaller quantities of product, producing extremely subtle effects for a flawless high definition finish. The 7 piece set comes in patent leather case which is 210 mm Long, 140mm Width (closed), 285mm Width (Open) with a Mixing Palette and Spatula. The best thing about this set is that it’s only £29.99!

What’s in the 613 7 Piece HD Set?

Powder – 190mm Long, Tip Length – 45mm

A medium sized extremely soft jumbo powder brush for a flawless high definition finish. The compact head of bristles is perfect for applying setting powder or dusting bronzer for a sun-kissed look. 



My favourite foundation brush in my make-up kit ever! In fact I wish Crownbrush sold this alone as I would have loads. It allows me to use cream and liquids to create a flawless base and contouring along the jawline and cheekbones! 



This is actually labelled as ‘Blush’ However I would simply call this ‘Multi -Use’ The techniques are endless with this brush. It’s Small, dense rounded head gives a fingertip-like application when Applying cream/powder blush along the cheekbones and is also perfect for placement of cream/powder contour on the hallows of the cheeks. I have also been known to use it to place a primer/base on the lids too. 

Blending Crease



Using just the tips of this brush to apply colour, sweep back and forth through the crease for a diffused and blended finish! Its amazing with creams and powders. 

 Oval Shadow


With it’s stiff oval shape, this brush provides a sheer, more controlled application of powder Eye Shadow which I love using to blend a smoky eye out. I feel like I have so much control with this brush for blending rather than using a larger blending brush and opt for this brush when creating all my eye looks so again another brush from this set I can’t live without. 

Pointed Liner – 155mm Long, Tip Length 5mm


The perfect brush for thin and precise application of liner when using gel or liquid liners.

 Metal Mixing Plate and Double Sided Spatula


This is one of my Professional Essentials. Whether you’re mixing cream-based or liquid makeup, holding excess product, or applying on the skin, this kind of palette is always durable and good for a bustling shoot schedule. The palette has enough room to put moisturiser, foundations, concealers, gel liner, eyelash glue, lipsticks, and glosses on the palette and comes with double ended mental spatula to pick up most of your products to place on the palette.

I do tend to use the back of my hand a lot for my palette however when I am mixing up a lot of products this palette comes out to play. I simply wipe it down and place back in my make-up kit and take home to clean for the next shoot/event.




You can find the product here: 613 7 Piece HD Set

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