Limited Edition SoSueMe Brush Set

Posted on January 15 2015

Limited Edition SoSueMe Brush Set

Our Brand Ambassador Suzanne Jackson, owner of celebrity fashion and beauty website So Sue Me,has selected some of her favourite Crownbrush Makeup Brushes and created her limited edition SoSueMe Brush Set from our range, containing 10 professional make-up brushes, all of which she would use every single day.

What each of the brushes are for:

From Left to Right:

Large Duo Fibre brush: This is great for both liquid and powder application. You can use this to gently buff in a liquid foundation or to sweep over a loose setting powder.

Large Powder brush: This is great for both powder and bronzer application. As the brush hair is synthetic you could also use this with a cream bronzer too.

Pointed Blender: A great multi-purpose brush suitable for foundation, concealer and highlighter application. With the precision point you can mark out areas to contour and highlight with ease or simply conceal hard to reach areas such as underneath the eyes or around the nose and chin.

Flat Foundation brush: Ideal for the application of cream or liquid foundation. It is a great tool to aid you in contouring and highlighting.

Angle Blush brush: Great for applying powder blusher.

Pro Blending Crease: This is the perfect brush for blending eyeshadow through the socket line / crease. It is really fluffy but still the perfect density for controlling and blending the product. Suitable for more “blown out” blending.

Pro Blending Fluff: Great for precision and circular blending along the socket line / crease. Also the right shape and size to apply colour to the eye lid and soften any shadow along the lower lash line too.

Smokey Eye Liner: Great for adding gel and liquid eye liner. Due to the density of the brush you can smudge the eye liner out if you choose to, but because of the pointed tip you may just choose to create the classic cat eye winged liner.

Brow Duo brush: The spoolie end is to brush those brow hairs into place whilst the other angled end is to apply gel, powder or cream brow product to the brow for definition. You can use the spoolie end to brush and soften the product through the brow hair once applied.

Classic Liner: Another eyeliner brush, great for tight line along the top and lower lash line and applying product to the waterline.

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